Improving Finances Is Easier Said and Easier Done

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Manufacturers and distributors know how important strong financial management is to their success.  Many business owners and chief financial officers can visualize the dollars and cents that flow thorough the warehouse each and every day in the form of inventory, labor, and customer services.  While improving financial management may seem ‘easier said than done’, it can be made easier with the right business management solutions.

Managing financial transactions and other core business processes shouldn’t be a drain on your resources.  Your leaders need to focus their time on achieving strategic goals, not wasting time handling data.  However, businesses using disparate business systems often have scales tilted against them.  Data is passed around the office, entered from one system into another, which not only takes time, it also introduces the risk for errors.  Businesses can’t rely on old or inaccurate data to make the smart business decisions that drive growth.

Financial Innovation with Technology Integration

Replacing multiple, disparate management systems with a single, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can improve productivity throughout your organization, including financial management.  A robust solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, offers a more powerful way to manage business data including finances, inventory, suppliers and vendors, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as payroll and human resources activities.  Your team can enter and access data with greater efficiency and can rely on the integrity of that data when making important business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many time-saving automations, such as:

  • Streamline workflows, electronic signatures, and audit trails so your people can spend less time handling data and more time putting it to good use.
  • Rich business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities provide the insight you need to identify trends, such as customer behaviors or trending products.
  • Monitor revenues and spending in real-time and respond faster to deviations in budgets.
  • Arm your team with quick access to core business data and actionable insight to leverage data to your competitive advantage.

Modern ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, can be deployed quickly and affordably, and streamline common, daily business processes right out of the box.  Get greater control over financial and business operations by replacing inefficient, disparate software with connected, integratedERP.  Contact for more information about strengthening financial processes with ERP.

By, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner in Greater New York

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