Dynamics GP Payroll User Asks about Building Payroll Checks

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Recently, I was asked a question related to building payroll checks from a new Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll user:

Q: I keep getting the following error "Batches with zero transactions cannot be marked" How can I complete the build checks without creating a transaction?

A: Batches are used to process transactions which are marked as "Transaction Required". This applies to pay codes, deductions and benefits. If a "code" is not marked as "Transaction Required," it is considered to be an "automatic" transaction. These include things like salary transactions and recurring deductions where the deduction amount is fixed (e.g. health insurance) and derived (i.e. retirement as a % of wages). Batches are used to create transactions for things like hourly transactions, variable deduction amounts, tips transactions and adjustments to salary transactions (e.g. reduce hours/amount).

The payroll build process does not require that you include a batch of transactions, so long as you select to include "automatic" transactions. Typically this is accomplished by marking "Salary" the appropriate pay period. Typically, users will also mark which deductions and benefits to include.

I hope that sharing this information helps others with similar challenges.

Tom2Written by: Tom Franz, Integrity Data's Product Manager

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