How to integrate Dynamics CRM with Dynamics NAV?

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Do you ever wonder how Integration of Dynamics CRM 2015 with Dynamics NAV 2016 can allow you to access Microsoft Dynamics NAV records from Microsoft Dynamics CRM? MetaOption can help.

Here are the additional benefits Dynamics CRM could offer for all Dynamics NAV users. Microsoft has been keen to convince people who need both. But we cynically observe that this is highly self-serving! Here, it would be worthwhile to look into what business benefits can be gained through investing in both solutions.

Although there is a built-in Sales and Marketing CRM capability in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 offers a considerably more powerful solution for customers having a large mobile sales force or a field service team that needs off-line capabilities to fulfill customer requirements.

MetaOption is fully accredited to furnish and support Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM in the US. Acknowledging the increasing need for such integration and across multiple states, MetaOption has developed a seamless linkage between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM.

Business Needs
• Synchronize customers, accounts, product information between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV.
• Pass orders from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics NAV, where they are automatically created and processed.
• Transfer the posted invoices from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics NAV.
• Seamless integration of data across Dynamics CRM and NAV which allows user to enter and update data from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics NAV in real time.
• Invoke Dynamics NAV modules inside Dynamics CRM by providing handshaking of different modules across each other.
• Two data exchanges by provision of customized inbuilt solutions in NAV and CRM.

For more information and screenshots on Dynamics CRM Integration with Dynamics NAV, please Read More.

We are energized to develop such integration scenarios that really help businesses determine where the join between CRM and NAV needs to be for their business.

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