Getting the Most out of Dynamics GP: Underutilized Core Financial Features

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Many of our clients are long-time Dynamics GP users and have remained with the status quo of what features were offered in their initial GP version. They are often too busy to consider implementing new features that Microsoft offers in each new release of GP or are not aware of how these features can positively impact day-to-day operations. Here are some of the best new/underutilized features GP offers.


Workflows are a new feature of GP with many of the options being offered for the first time in GP 2015 and GP 2015 R2. The workflow process allows you to create an approval hierarchy for events within Dynamics GP. For example, a workflow can be created for Payables Transaction Approval. The approval can contain multiple steps of approval including the option to build the approval for transactions over a certain dollar limit.

Dynamics GP can create workflow task notification emails to be sent to the different approvers set up on the workflow step. For the Payables Transaction Approval example above, you can scan and attach the invoice to the payables transaction which allows the scanned document to be included as an attachment with the workflow notification email. Transactions can be approved directly from the email without the need to even log into GP!

Other examples of workflow processes include:

  • General Ledger Batch Approval
  • Payables Batch Approval
  • Payables Transaction Approval
  • Vendor Approval
  • Receivables Batch Approval

Reconcile to GL

The Reconcile to GL feature was new to Dynamics GP 10.0 (SP2) for the Payables and Receivables modules. Inventory and Bank Reconciliation was added in Dynamics GP 2013. The Reconcile to GL window will generate a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can assist with matching transaction in GL with the originating transactions in the chosen module. This reconcile routine will not change data automatically, only help to identify transaction which may need correction.

Email documents

Beginning with Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft has added the ability to email several documents to customers & vendors. Users have the ability to select which documents to send and which customers and vendors should receive their documents via email. Predefined or customized forms can be sent using Word templates for Dynamics GP. Documents can be sent as HTML, XPS, PDF or DOCX file format type.

Post To/Through GL

Many GP users don’t know that they have the ability to modify posting to the General Ledger from other modules. As an administrator, you have the ability to turn off posting to GL if internal controls require further review before batch posting. If the option is disabled, a GL batch will be created when transactions are posted in sub-ledger modules.


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Sarah Britton

Dynamics GP Consultant

OTT, Inc.

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