The First 21 Things We Know About Microsoft Project “Madeira”

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This is big news. Earthquake level, game changing news. But you can’t tell anyone.

Yesterday Microsoft executive Errol Schoenfish gave Dynamics ERP partners the first sneak peek at Project “Madeira”. The brand new 100% SaaS, multi tenant business management solution run on Azure.

But then he told us we couldn’t tell anyone……..until the official announcement, today at 12:45ET.

So now it is official - Microsoft finally has a true SaaS Cloud offering!

This is a brand new product. A stand alone, full featured financial management solution (aka accounting software) hosted and operated by Microsoft.

This is going to be big.

This is what we know so far:

  1. This product does NOT replace Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. New versions will continue to be developed and released. After all, the cloud is not a fit for all companies.
  2. The Project “Madeira” Preview will be publicly available April 12, 2016.
  3. The official release will be in the second half of calendar year 2016 (Think Sept/Oct timeframe).
  4. No, pricing, packaging, licensing will be announced until closer to the official release date. (aka General Availability).
  5. Project “Madeira” is just a codename. The real name is still a secret. (Interestingly, Madeira was chosen because geographic locations can’t be trademarked).
  6. With this product full financial processes can be completed seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook in Office 365. There is no need to login to a separate ERP system. You can create customers, vendors, quotes and invoices without leaving Outlook. More sophisticated tasks are completed from the web client.
  7. The solution has been optimized for 10-99 employee companies. This does not mean larger companies can’t use it. Microsoft believes the 10-99 employee company market is underserved. And they have “zero scalability concerns”. The best fit is for companies looking for their first accounting system, or coming off Quickbooks.
  8. It will only be sold through Microsoft partners (via the CSP program). Microsoft has no plans to sell the solution direct to-customer.
  9. Project “Madeira” is based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform as well as a number of other Microsoft services. It will also bring in features from Dynamics GP such as All in One view etc…
  10. Project “Madeira” will include more than just core accounting (GL, AP, AR). A full list of functionality will be announced soon.
  11. Data migration tools have been built to migrate data from Excel and Quickbooks.
  12. There is support for multi-company in a single database.
  13. There will be a pre-defined chart of accounts.
  14. It includes wizards to set up Financials.
  15. It has built in financial reporting.
  16. Workflow configuration is available, along with the ability to leverage extensions made available by partners.
  17. ISV's will be important for Project "Madeira", there will be a robust Marketplace strategy.
  18. Project “Madeira” is a global product. It will be releasing in the US initially.
  19. The data resides in Azure SQL database, it is a multitenant public cloud service from Microsoft.
  20. It will integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
  21. There will be an app for Windows phone.

Now that it is official you can learn much more than these first 21 points, and sign up for the Preview, at

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