Ease the Burden of Tax Season with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Does your business consider tax season is a painful process? It could be a sign to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP to save you hours of unnecessary work.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a cloud-based solution to eliminate the hassles associated with time consuming, error-prone sales tax compliance processes. Rather than go through the pain and burden to create and keep track of records in an excel document and pull out paper copies of invoices, turn your next sales tax process over to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP automates data from your payroll, manufacturing, project management or other orders to eliminate the need for any error-prone manual tax calculations. Dynamics GP comes with an easy-to-use sales tax setup so you can manage individual details such as city, local, county, and bundle into a schedule and assign to your customers.

Having real-time financial data in Microsoft Dynamics GP will enable you to share accurate, up-to-date financial data with shareholders, taxing agencies, and others. You can quickly email or print off profit and loss statements, balance statements, tax-related reports, or other business reports needed this tax season.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will provide the visibility needed to take advantage of new business opportunities or respond quickly to any financial challenges.

If your business needs additional tax functions to help you stay up-to-date with all the recent tax chances, AvaTax integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and delivers the most precise sales tax calculations. Avalara’s AvaTax sales tax calculation software automatically applies the right rates and rules to every transaction, every time.  Visit Avalara’s blog to learn more about Sales Tax Compliance.

Next year set yourself up for success by deploying Microsoft Dynamics GP so you never have to experience that year-end panic again. Ask NetStandard’s Business Applications team how to set up Dynamics GP to get you back on your feet next tax season!

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