Integrate MO Receipts into Dynamics GP

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Do you have a shop floor control software package that you use to record manufacturing activities, which are then manually keyed into GP?  Do you plan production in Excel and manually enter MOs in GP, or manually reschedule MOs?  Do you integrate Sales Orders into GP and need to create MOs linked to the Sales Orders?

If you have one of these scenarios, or any other process which requires either creating MOs in GP or posting MO Receipts, WilloWare’s MOGenerator module has automated integration utilities to help you.


MOGenerator contains several utilities which can run automatically in an unattended mode to provide real-time integration of manufacturing data, pulling data from Excel or an SQL table integration.


The MOGenerator utilities include:

  • Create Manufacturing Orders. This process will create an MO, schedule the MO, build the Picklist, and, depending on Manufacturing Setup, also allocate inventory for the Picklist.
  • Create Child MOs. This utility explores the Bill of Materials for the top-level made item on an MO, finds make-to-stock subassemblies and creates MOs for those items linked to the top-level parent MO.  This utility can be run by itself, or in conjunction with Create Manufacturing Orders so that as MOGenerator creates MOs for parent items, it automatically creates linked Child MOs.  Additionally, when the parent MO is scheduled/rescheduled, the child-MOs will also be rescheduled.
  • MO Scheduler. There are several 3rd party products which create an MO in the Work Order Master table, but require a user to manually click the Schedule button on MO Entry and then change the status to Released.  MO Scheduler can perform that task automatically so that as the 3rd party product creates the MO, MOGenerator schedules it, builds the picklist, and releases it.   Additionally, MO Scheduler can be used to integrate rescheduled MOs from Excel.
  • MO Receipt Integration. This utility can post partial receipts against existing MOs in GP, or, it can create an MO and post a receipt all in one step.


Finally, if you are a dexterity developer, and your product or customization needs to create Manufacturing Orders, WilloWare offers an API key so your software can use MOGen to create MOs.


For a complete video overview of the product, please click HERE.

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