7 Qualities of a Great Dynamics GP Consultant – Do You Have What it Takes?

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Are you considering a career as a Microsoft Dynamics GP financial software consultant?

Almost every company has some kind of automated accounting software today. But modern accounting is not about just getting the numbers to balance. It is about using the numbers to make better decisions and transform the organization. The right technology helps companies view, analyze and share information in ways they never thought possible. This can make a dramatic impact on the success of a business and you can be part of that success. It is a job with meaning.

As one of my favorite authors, Jim Collins from Good to Great says, ““It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life and it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.”

As a Dynamics GP financial software consultant you can help people combine the rules of accounting with the flexibility and power of technology.  It is a challenging yet rewarding career for the right type of person. But consulting is not for everyone. In our experience, there are seven qualities you need in order to be a great Dynamics GP consultant:

  1. Great consultants let actions speak louder than words  When a Dynamics GP project goes well, it is your client who should look good and get the credit. The best consultants don’t need constant praise; they get satisfaction from knowing the job was well done. They can let their actions and accomplishment speak for them.
  2. Great consultants love to work with new people and make a difference.  Dynamics GP consultants work with all kind of people, all the time. Some are easy, some are not. The best consultants are the ones who think positively about others and treat all people with respect; they show patience and build trust. And they feel good about making a difference in their clients’ lives and making their clients’ jobs easier.
  3. Great consultants don’t just get the job done, they go further.  The best consultants go beyond what is expected and do the extra little things that will make the project a success. They look for things that may have been overlooked. They ask questions that haven’t been asked before to uncover potential issues and find ways to do something better.
  4. Great consultants solve problems.  Have you seen old episodes of MacGyver? He could solve any problem with just the tools (or lack of tools) he had on hand. He never said it couldn’t be done; it just had to be done a different way. Every Dynamics GP project has challenges. The best consultants can use their experience from previous projects to solve new puzzles.
  5. Great consultants continue learning even when they don’t have to.  With more tools you can solve more problems, so you always want to add new skills to your toolbox. The most successful consultants stay up to date on the latest technology and industry trends. They put extra time into learning on their own, just in case it is needed later. And they also know how to learn from their own mistakes.
  6. Great consultants continue to move forward when others want to stop.  Every project has challenges, either with the technology or the people or both. The best consultants find a way through the challenges to get the job done. Dynamics GP projects are not always 9-5. Issues don’t always come up during working hours. The best consultants will roll up their sleeves and do what it takes, whenever that is, to help a client meet a deadline or put out a fire.
  7. Great consultants are flexible but focus on the finish line.  The best consultants know that there is more than one way to do something. They can adapt to the business processes, working styles and personalities of various clients and various colleagues. They are flexible, but they are still strict enough to keep the project on track to meet the deadlines and expectations.

Do you have what it takes?

If this sounds like you, you can make a difference in the future success of organizations and be not just a good consultant but a great one!  Find out more details at www.calszone.com/careers and www.calszone.com/graduates

Contact CAL Business Solutions about a career as a Microsoft Dynamics GP software consultant. 860-485-0910 or hr@calszone.com

By George Mackiewicz, President, CAL Business Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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