14 Ways Microsoft Has Business Intelligence Aced: Pt 2

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Microsoft's Business Intelligence Marked As Leader by Gartner

According to Gartner’s 2016 study on Business Intelligence, Microsoft’s Power BI leads the pack in its ability to accomplish its mission and execute its completeness of vision.  Gartner is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. The report focuses on products that meet the criteria of modern BI and analytics platform focusing on the rapidly evolving buyer and seller dynamics.

Microsoft’s Power BI was assessed by these main categories: infrastructure, data management, analysis and content creation, and ability to share findings.  And what's even better about one of the best business intelligence tools? Dynamics AX, formerly called AX7, includes this technology!

Today we are discussing the last sections: analysis and content creation, and ability to share findings.  To check out the specifics on infrastructure, and data management read: 14 Ways Microsoft Has Business Intelligence Aced: Pt. 1.  Below find the checklist that Gartner uses for their evaluation and one that your business should use in implementing Business Intelligence Software, as well.  As indicated by the check marks, Microsoft's solution covers all Gartner's Business Intelligence criteria, and I offer the specifics of how Microsoft accomplishes the requirements set by Gartner.

Analysis and Content Creation

8. Embedded Advanced Analytics. Another intelligence criteria: Does your system enable users to easily access advanced analytics capabilities that are self-contained within the platform itself or available through the import and integration of externally developed models.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it!With Power BI Desktop, you can connect to data from many different sources: Files: Excel, CSV, XML, Text, Folder, and Files; Database, Azure, and Other.  And the data can be queried visually.

9. Analytic Dashboards. Does your business have the ability to create highly interactive dashboards and content, with visual exploration and embedded advanced and geospatial analytics, to be consumed by others?

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it! Microsoft makes dashboard’s interactive and customizable allowing businesses to:

  • see, in one glance, all the information needed to make decisions
  • monitor the most-important information about their business
  • ensure all colleagues are on the same page, viewing and using the same information by the functionality of sharing.
  • monitor the health of a business or product or business unit or marketing campaign, etc.
  • create a personalized view of a larger dashboard – and all the metrics that matter to you.

10. Interactive Visual Exploration. Does your Intelligence gathering enable the exploration of data via the manipulation of chart images, with the color, brightness, size, shape and motion of visual objects representing aspects of the dataset being analyzed. This includes an array of visualization options that go beyond those of pie, bar and line charts, to include heat and tree maps, geographic maps, scatter plots and other special-purpose visuals. These tools enable users to analyze the data by interacting directly with a visual representation of it.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it! It is super easy after initial set-up to drag and drop data to view reports.

Microsoft's Business Intelligence Marked As Leader by Gartner as Mobile

11.  Mobile Exploration and Authoring. In the mobile world does your solution enable you to develop and deliver content to mobile devices in a publishing and/or interactive mode, and take advantage of mobile devices' native capabilities, such as touchscreen, camera, location awareness and natural-language query?

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it! Stay connected to your data from anywhere, anytime with the Power BI app for Windows, iOS, and Android. Get a 360° visualized view of your business data on the go - at the touch of your fingertips.  And better yet, you can share this with your team.

Sharing of Findings

12. Embedding Analytic Content. Does your business intelligence include a software developer's kit with APIs and support for open standards for creating and modifying analytic content, visualizations and applications, embedding them into a business process, and/or an application or portal. These capabilities can reside outside the application (reusing the analytic infrastructure), but must be easily and seamlessly accessible from inside the application without forcing users to switch between systems. The capabilities for integrating BI and analytics with the application architecture will enable users to choose where in the business process the analytics should be embedded.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it! With Power BI, you can enable application developers to integrate Power BI tiles and reports from a user's power BI account by embedding an IFrame into an app, such as a mobile app or web app. The PowerBI.com service allows business users to build, and personalize charts, reports, and dashboards in their own Power BI account. The embedded tile or report capability enables you to integrate those tiles or reports into an app. Here are some of the benefits of integrating Power BI tiles or reports into an app:

  • Provide user customizable data tiles or reports in an app for a small investment.
  • Users can integrate data from any data source outside the application to enhance contextual understanding.
  • Users can click an embedded Power BI tile or report to navigate to the Power BI dashboard.

13. Collaboration and Social BI. And finally, can your business analytics can be shared to allow for discussion, analysis, and decisions via discussion threads, chat and annotations.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has it!With Power BI Publish to web you can easily embed interactive Power BI visualizations online, such as in blog posts, websites, through emails or social media, and all sorts of other online communications, on any device. You can also easily edit, update, refresh or un-share your published visuals.

Biggest Benefits of Microsoft's Business Intelligence

The biggest benefits of Microsoft’s Business intelligence includes the abilities to:

  • Enable all employees to discover, analyze, and visualize data with secure and managed self-service BI
  • Extend your on-premises data investment to the cloud
  • Provide faster insights on any data while maintaining data governance and security
  • With SQL Server 2016, provide mobile reports to all employees that render perfectly on any device
  • Transform your data into intelligent action with the power of built-in advanced analytics

14. Self-Contained Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) and Data Storage.  Does your fact-based support system or BI have Platform capabilities for accessing, integrating, transforming and loading data into a self-contained storage layer, with the ability to index data and manage data loads and refresh scheduling?

It's Incorporated into the New Dynamics AX

And best of all the new Dynamics AX (aka AX7), will ultimately come with an inbuilt BI solution – Microsoft's Power BI. Customers will no longer need to purchase additional BI products to combine, analyse and report on data from other areas of the business as well as the information within Dynamics AX.  This means organization-wide data will automatically be presented in a useable and flexible format within Dynamics AX, saving organizations time and money.

If we can help your organization explore the value of Power BI blended within the new Dynamics AX, give Clients First Texas a call at 800-331-8382 or call our Minnesota office.  Another option is to reach us by email.  Clients First is a Gold Certified Dynamics Partner that specializes in implementing Dynamics AX ERP to the medium to large manufacturer and MRO across the United States.

Economic Benefits of AX


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