Think Outside the Box when It Comes to ERP Software

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Out of the box, ERP software solutions typically accommodate a small fraction of an organization’s most important requirements. If a software package meets at least 70 to 80 percent of the requirements provided by the client, the ERP solution is generally deemed to be a good fit for the customer. However, it’s no secret that the 20 to 30 percent of the requirements not addressed by the software out of the box are the most difficult requirements to fulfill. These requirements are usually customer specific and very often provide the customer with a competitive advantage in their marketplace making them essential to a successful ERP software implementation. Bridging this gap is the most important, but often the most overlooked, component of the ERP implementation where an organization is typically required to re-engineer their business processes to compensate for lacking software functionality or they are forced to operate without it.

At Alba Spectrum, we believe the most important aspect of an ERP implementation is to preserve an organization’s successful business practices by providing them with the software functionality that builds on their competitive advantage in the marketplace. By thinking outside the box, Alba Spectrum can innovatively identify solutions and provide ideas to satisfy complex requirements and build more efficient processes that can be built onto the ERP software foundation. It’s important to think of the ERP solution out of the box as the foundation for the overall solution that can be provided during the implementation.

By thinking outside the box, Alba Spectrum has become a specialist in fulfilling complex business requirements for hundreds of customers and resellers, and extending the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP to provide that extra competitive advantage. Often the return on investment of a software implementation is recognized much quicker by providing the customer with the extra 20 percent of the functionality a software enhancement may provide.

In addition to the customer-specific software enhancements provided by Alba Spectrum, we have also developed solutions to fill some of the gaps that Dynamics GP does not include in the out of the box functionality. These solutions include Posting Server to automate the posting process, reduce human error and increase efficiency, Auto Transfer to automate the sales transfer process from orders to invoices and backorders, and Alba360 Advanced Workflow to automate business processes inside and outside of GP. These tools help companies running Dynamics GP get more out of their system.

Alba Spectrum solutions always start with customers who have needs that are not fulfilled by the software out of the Dynamics GP box. We develop solutions for those unique needs, some of which have become packaged Alba Spectrum products like those above. Our greatest inspiration always comes from our customers’ needs.

If you’d like to talk about what you want to do in GP, but aren’t sure how to make it happen, visit to find out more about our solutions, or contact us today with your questions.

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