Reduce Travel Costs With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Professional Service organizations, while serving a variety of industries, all face the challenges of balancing resources and requirements to keep customers happy and utilization high. The world of business has accelerated, and the need to have instant visibility into every aspect of the business has increased. Reporting that only looks at the past won't cut it anymore and service companies need to adjust to stay ahead of the curve. In our professional services white paper, we give insight into current business management systems that could be holding you back and how you can improve project success and profitability with an advanced ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We examine the challenges and the solutions to increase bid to win ratio, attract high value personnel, optimize training opportunities, increase employee utilization and more tools you can use to make sense of your data. Read more below for a glimpse into how ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you reduce pesky travel costs.

travel costs

Retaining the level of communication across the project participants while reducing travel costs helps clients and your bottom line. At Logan Consulting, we help service organizations solve real business problems so they can grow. Following a process driven methodology, we are dedicated to helping companies improve and streamline business processes through the implementation of ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP and other business management applications. Don't be puzzled by your data; download our complimentary Professional Services White Paper and get the strategic insight you need to drive growth. For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your business grow, contact us here or read more on our blog.

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1 thought on “Reduce Travel Costs With Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. Wow this is a great save for businesses especially for meeting with companies/clients overseas. Traveling is a big chunk for a company's budget and definitely a pain especially for small time businesses. With this move from Microsoft introducing an alternative way to communicate helps a lot. Aside from the fact you're in the comfort of your own place, it's easier to explain proposals and communicate.

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