Microsoft Dynamics GP Makes Profit Making Decisions a Breeze

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Professional Service organizations, while serving a variety of different industries, all seem to face the challenges of balancing resources and requirements to keep customers happy and utilization high. The world of business is accelerating faster than ever and the need to have instant visibility within every aspect of your business is higher than ever. Reporting past data no longer makes the cut and service companies need to adjust to stay ahead of the curve. In our complimentary Whitepaper, "10 Profit decisions service firms are making blind: How forward-thinking ERP ends the guessing", we give insight into current business management systems that could be holding you back and analyze how you can better increase profitability by using an advanced ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

We examine common problems and solutions that many service organizations face regularly so you can make sense of your data and stop the guesswork. In our whitepaper we go over how to:


At Logan Consulting, we help service organizations solve real business problems so they can grow. We follow a process driven methodology and are dedicated to helping companies improve and streamline their business operations through the implementation of ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Don't be puzzled by your data; download our complimentary white paper today and get the strategic insight you need to drive your growth. For more information on how Microsoft Dynamics GP's innovative ERP can help your company grow, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based ERP specialists for a consultation.

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