The Marketplace Is Constantly Changing, Can You Keep Up?

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If there is anything ‘for certain’ in today’s marketplace, it’s that nothing is ‘for certain’.  Changes can happen at any moment - a supplier doesn’t deliver, customers have change orders, and regulatory agencies can change the rules.  If you can’t be responsive and keep up with the pace of change, then your profits and customer satisfaction are at risk.  Strengthen your business with a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and respond to changes with greater efficiency.

Your ability to respond to change is strongly connected to your ability to access current, reliable data.  Managers with a close connection to real-time data are able to respond faster to customer inquiries, approve change orders, and react to deviations in strategic goals or other plans.  If your team is constantly searching for data buried deep in elaborate spreadsheets or within disparate systems, then your customers are likely to become frustrated by the delays and turn to the competition.  Keep up with changes by replacing stagnant, legacy software with an innovative ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a centralized location for all of your business data.  You and your team can manage financial records, inventory, vendors and suppliers, manufacturing and distribution operations as well as other human resources and payroll activities within this integrated solution.  Time-saving automations including workflows and notifications can streamline data-entry and data-sharing, saving valuable time and improving productivity throughout your organization.  In addition, RoleTailored dashboards, business intelligence and reporting features, and other visualizations put the data that you need to make strategic decisions right at your fingertips.

With a direct connection to core data, you can then use this information to position your business to navigate marketplace changes.  You can strengthen supplier relationships, for example, and have a plan ready when a supplier doesn’t deliver or act faster when customers change orders so you don’t manufacture or ship products with the wrong specifications.  Regulatory reporting is also much easier when you can pull the data needed by various legislative or industry agencies from Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of gathering and combining data from multiple, disparate solutions.

Change happens, however, your ability to navigate the inevitable changes is what separates you from competitors.  Contact OTT, Inc. for additional information about using ERP to keep up with an evolving marketplace.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Partner out of Minnesota

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