How Much Training Do I Need With a Dynamics GP Upgrade?

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Why do they have to change everything? That is always my first question when I do a software upgrade

I remember spending an hour looking for the Print button when Office 2010 was released.   And the frustration I felt after realizing that the “Advanced Find” button in Dynamics CRM was now that tiny wheel icon in the corner. These are small examples when compared with Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can’t afford for your finance team to be unproductive while they figure it out.

When you are ready to upgrade to a new version of Dynamics GP there will be many changes.  (See “New Features Since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013”).

If you don’t get training for your users two things will happen:

  • Users will be frustrated that they can’t figure out how to “do it like I used to”,  and blame the software.
  • Users won’t know about the new features, so they will waste time on workarounds, or spend money on add on products to do something that is already included in the new version.

The bottom line is: when you schedule a Dynamics GP upgrade, don’t skimp on the training. Take this advice and you will thank us later.

How much training do you need with a new version of Dynamics GP?

We have a basic formula for estimated training services on a Dynamics GP upgrade quote.   But before you keep reading, please note:

  • This is only for core financial modules including General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Sales Order Processing (SOP), Purchase Order Processing (POP), Inventory (INV). Additional modules (such as Fixed Assets, HR, Payroll) need additional time.
  • This does not include ISV/add on products, which are pivotal for many users. These would need additional time.
  • This does not take into account training needed for people who have a heavily customized system.
  • This formula is just meant as a starting point.

Our estimated training services on a Dynamics GP upgrade is a 4 hour minimum for “What’s New training” for core financial modules plus 1 hour for each skipped version.

Example 1: Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2013R2 to Dynamics GP 2015.

4 Hour Minimum

Total = 4 Hours of Training

Example 2:  Upgrade from Dynamics GP 2010 TO Dynamics GP 2015 R2 (you skipped 3 versions).

4 hour minimum

+ 1 GP2013

+ 1 GP2013 R2

+ 1 GP2015

Total= 7 hours of training

If you have an FRx to Management Reporter upgrade you should also include:

What’s New Training for MR Management Reporter

2-4 hours for Advanced FRx Users

4-6 hours for intermediate FRx Users

6-8 hours for beginner users.

In all cases the number of users, actual number of Modules, experience level of users, specific features in the new release and our previous experience with your Dynamics GP setup will influence the final quote.

So if you are purchasing Microsoft Dynamics GP, be sure to factor the costs of upgrades, with training, in your overall budget.

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