Fixed Assets and a Fiscal 13 Period Year

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Occasionally, we'll encounter a client who uses a 13 Period (or any other non-12 month) fiscal period set up.   If the FA Calendar is built while a 13 period fiscal period is set up they often encounter multiple issues using the FA Calendar.

One of these issues is that Fixed Assets will accrue and entire year's worth of depreciation on the day of the 13th period, and in some versions of GP, this is quite an issue to correct.

If you try to correct the Fixed Assets Calendar by adjusting in SQL it will commonly cause the Fixed Asset not to depreciate due to a "corrupt" Fixed Assets Calendar.

To avoid both of these issues, temporarily change the Fiscal Calendar to a 12 month period (for current and future years), rebuild the FA Calendar syncing quarters to Fiscal Periods.  Then reset the Fiscal Periods back to the 13th Period.  You do not need to run reconcile if you did not run it after changing it to a 12 month Fiscal Year.

Double check that the FA Calendars now end on 12/31 (or the last day of a 12 month fiscal calendar) for any given year.

Please contact ACE if you need any assistance correcting the FA Depreciation if this may have happened to you.

Jo Ann de Ruiter

Dynamics GP Support Practice Lead

by ACE Microtechnology, Inc.

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