Why Dynamics AX Is A Great Fit for Apparel Retailers

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More style choices, demanding shoppers, global commerce, and extremely complex supply chains present challenges that fashion retailers must address with a sense of urgency.

Retailers have a brand and that brand is a promise that earns customer loyalty and revenue. Delivering on that promise and adapting to increasingly educated, demanding customers is of utmost importance for successful brand growth. With the advancements in modern ERP and POS systems, there is no excuse for letting a failing infrastructure stand in the way of putting the customer at the center of a growth strategy.

Apparel retailers using Microsoft Dynamics AX have it all—global, omnichannel, Tier 1 supply chain capabilities (including an embedded, modern, mobile POS solution), in one system, without all the cost and complexity.


Microsoft Dynamics AX for RetailDynamics AX Workflows


Why not challenge the status quo, and replace legacy systems with a cost-effective solution that is a fraction of the cost of other Tier 1 ERP implementation projects?

Here’s how to build a case for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

One Global System Everywhere You Do Business

Retailers are either doing business in multiple countries around the world, or they want to — but struggle to make it happen with their current infrastructure. This makes sourcing and retailing far more difficult, but that is the HUGE advantage of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Out of the box, Dynamics AX supports over 36 languages, multiple currencies, and additional capabilities are included to ensure compliance with regional banking, reporting, and legislative requirements. One system can provide consistency and standardization across various business sites and even multiple legal entities around the world. (Watch this video overview of the global capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX)

Buy Anywhere, Get Anywhere, Omni-channel Capabilities

With Dynamics AX, retailers have an embedded, modern POS system that can be deployed on any device, call center and catalog functionality, eCommerce integration, and more. Due to increased channel complexity, companies need to manage and optimize supply chain and inventory across multiple channels more efficiently. Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates omni-channel commerce into one system, improving customer and inventory visibility. This allows for a better use of company resources and smarter decisions—plus shoppers can buy online or in-store, and receive their order at home or in-store. (For the details on Microsoft Dynamics AX omni-channel capabilities, check out this video)

Manage a Complex Global Supply Chain

With long lead times and often many sourcing partners across the world, the global supply chain needs meticulous management to make sure inventory is received in time to meet demand. Microsoft Dynamics AX really shines in this area by handling complex supply chains with ease, giving users global visibility that can help them minimize inventory shortages and overages. (Watch this video to learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX improves supply chain visibility for fashion retailers)

A Tier 1 ERP without All the Cost and Complexity

Dynamics AX can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency while supporting growth into new product lines, channels, and global markets. Because it is far easier to implement than any other Tier 1 ERP solution, it reduces project risks and minimizes implementation expense. By working with a Microsoft Dynamics Retail Partner like Sunrise Technologies, a company can jumpstart the project with preset configurations and best practices, shaving weeks off the project timeline. (Watch this video on Sunrise QuickStart for Microsoft Dynamics AX Retailers to learn more)
What Third Parties and Analysts are saying about Microsoft Dynamics AX

With a $12B+ R&D investment in Dynamics AX from Microsoft, the current release and roadmap for the future is exciting. But, don’t just take our word for it.

Microsoft received the highest overall score for product roadmap, strategy, and vision and is among the top leaders in the latest Forrester POS wave.


Forrester POS Survey Results


And the InfoTech Global POS Vendor Landscape puts Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Champion category.

Info-Tech POS Survey Results


Dynamics AX even received the Trend Setter Award for being the most original and inventive solution, with impressive omni-channel capabilities like coordinated marketing promotions and loyalty programs across physical stores, ecommerce, and social media channels.

In fact, a Forrester Total Economic Study on Dynamics AX showed a 92% ROI and a 21 month payback period, and Ovum Research found that global enterprise organizations overwhelmingly identified Microsoft as their preferred vendor for their next ERP investment.


Ovum Research Preferred ERP Vendors


This is proof that the extensive feature set of Microsoft Dynamics AX and its innovative product roadmap will stay relevant for decades to come, and why it belongs in your ERP shortlist today.

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