8 Reasons Crown Maple Loves Inventory Management in Dynamics GP

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Crown Maple“With Dynamics GP, I have so many capabilities for inventory that I didn’t have at all with QuickBooks. I can easily get the reports I need. I have great visibility into our inventory levels plus the lot trace function has been a big help.”

Improved inventory management was a main theme in the Crown Maple case study video. But you can’t tell the whole story in 3 minutes.

Tamar Roman, Inventory Control and Admin Manager at Crown Maple, had quite a bit more to say on this topic. Here are eight reasons why she loves the inventory management features in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

1)Inventory Reports

“Before we had Dynamics GP, we had QuickBooks and we didn't have an inventory module at all.  We were just tracking inventory in Excel or manually.  Now I have easy ways to upload information about our current inventory levels.

Once a month I run end of month reports on inventory levels that I compare to a physical inventory and make adjustments if needed. This gives me the ability to output everything into an Excel file where I can easily look at average usage over a set period of time.  And take into consideration components that are used in multiple bills of material and see how they are spread out and how their usage trends over the month.  I can enter my purchase orders and receive them and have the receiving flow automatically into updating my inventory. Then I run a smart list at the end of each month for trending on sales by item.”

2) Stock Status Reports

“I especially use the reports on stock status every month.  And I like the flexibility to pull up stock status either just for finished goods, just for my shipping kits, just for my BOM (Bill of Materials) components, or for everything. Depending on what I need, I use any or all of the above.  The fact that I have that much flexibility in creating my stock status report is really helpful.”

3) Tracing Lot Numbers

“As a maple syrup producer we assign a separate lot number to each barrel that we make.  And sometimes I just need to track down what happened to that barrel. So the fact that I have the lot trace function available in Dynamics GP has been a big help.”

4) Inventory Status Visibility

“I often have to refer back to the item transactions.  And when I'm doing end of month inventory and comparing physical inventory to Dynamics GP records, it's very helpful that I can easily see what products have been allocated that have not yet been shipped or not yet been sent down.  Because sometimes I just need to make some adjustments to my inventory.  For instance, if something has actually been shipped that hasn't gone through GP yet, I can pull up a list of everything that's been allocated and verify whether or not it's physically here.”

5) Unit of Measure Schedule

“One thing that's very convenient is that I'm able to use the unit of measure schedule in ways that makes inventory tracking must simpler.  We used to have to keep separate SKUs for an individual bottle of syrup versus a case of syrup.  But now with the unit of measure schedule, I can define a case as consisting of six bottles and everything flows automatically.”

6) Tracking Price Levels

“Recently I started using the price level system much more. So we have different prices for list retail price or wholesale price. Having the ability to program in those price levels and keep stricter controls on that has been very helpful.”

7) Robust System for a Complicated Company

“Dynamics GP is definitely a robust system for inventory control.  I really like the way that purchasing and inventory is integrated.  And of course, we have multiple entities here at Crown Maple so sometimes I'll have to fill a product essentially from one of our entities to another entity.  The cross function is very convenient to be able to have those interactions between the two companies.”

8) Able to Change as Company Grows

“There is so much we just couldn't predict when the company was new. On our end we made some educated guesses early on about what we would need or how we would arrange things. Most of those decisions turned out to be fine and some needed revision later on.  For instance, the way we assigned item numbers to components and shipping materials. A couple of years into it, I decided I really wanted to completely overhaul that system and I was able to do it very quickly and easily in Dynamics GP with assistance from our project manager at CAL Business Solutions.”

Read the full case study: Maple Syrup Manufacturer/Distributor Goes From Bark To Bottle With Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad

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