VIDEO: 4 Ways a Partner Should Help You Select the Right ERP System

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When you engage with a software reseller, partner, or publisher, their role should be to empower you to choose the best ERP system for your company according to your goals, and not sell you a bill of goods. It’s not rocket science but it does take a particular skillset to draw out the real issues you face. And then design, demo, and later implement a comprehensive and integrated solution to make you more efficient and effective—all while delivering you a stellar return on investment (ROI).

Synergy Business Solutions draws on hundreds of successful projects to lay out 4 simple ways a partner should help you in your evaluation and selection process. It has to do with asking the right questions, listening carefully to your pain points, connecting you with the right expertise, and delivering strategic value to your business.

How a Software Partner Can Help You Evaluate a New System

by Synergy Business Solutions

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