Why Is User Acceptance Testing Important During a Dynamics GP Upgrade?

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You’ve made the decision to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP system to the current version, and wisely included a test upgrade in the scope of the project. The next step is User Acceptance Testing (UAT), which is an evaluation of the new GP version to make sure that the existing functionality you rely upon to complete your work is functioning as expected.

In addition to confirming current fit, form and function is in place and meets the organizations business requirements, UAT also provides the opportunity for hands-on use of the new version so end-users become familiar and comfortable with any new navigation, and the new look and feel of Dynamics GP.

A Dynamics GP partner like The Resource Group provides standard test plans to facilitate UAT that include test scripts/tasks based on best practice processes. In addition, tasks are added to test functionality of any customizations or enhancements that are currently in use.

UAT does require the organization to invest the time of their end-users to perform the testing, report issues identified during testing, and be available to work with the resources assigned to address and resolve the issues. The payback on this investment is mitigation of the risk of extended downtime post Go Live due to untested processes and unforeseen issues.

The ultimate goal of a successful UAT phase is to provide an opportunity to identify any issues that may be the result of the upgrade, provide an opportunity to address issues without causing downtime in the production environment, and provide the organization with the confidence to proceed with upgrading the Dynamics GP system in the production environment.

Learn more by contacting a partner like The Resource Group.

By Sandi James, The Resource Group


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