How Project Manufacturers Can Benefit from Dynamics AX

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Industry fluctuations force project manufacturers to pursue growth opportunities while at the same time seeking cost control measures in order to stay ahead of the curve. An ERP implementation can help project manufacturers enhance their production efficiencies through the use of centralized tools and software and get a consolidated view of the entire production process.

Dynamics AX is one of the most sought-after ERP systems in the project industry, providing manufacturers with the agility and responsiveness to expand their operations and differentiate their business. With special focus on supply chain, finance, resource planning, and operations management, Dynamics AX incorporates a gamut of capabilities, ideal for your project organization:

  • Document Management: Dynamics AX offers an integrated document management system enabling manufacturers to save all project related data in specific folders for each project. So, project members have the ability to make modifications and track costs associated with each modification then seamlessly share those updates with other team members. Dynamics AX has the functionality to convert quotes easily into work orders so you can continue to carry out the production processes.
  • Customizable Variables: Since project companies deal with numerous projects, they need to have a set of customizable variables that define the complexity and characteristics of each project. Dynamics AX offers a plethora of such customizable variables that can be used as inputs by project manufacturers to understand project schedules, calculate costs and view a consolidated list of completed projects.
  • Job Tracking and Scheduling: Dynamics AX encompasses an integrated job tracking and scheduling function that enables project managers to have a consolidated, real-time view of jobs and task status. Have the freedom to allocate resources and make adjustments to keep the production process running smoothly. Ensure availability of resources such as people, skills, machinery and tooling, to meet current customer demands and also gain visibility into future demands by using advanced planning and scheduling.
  • Real-time Reports: Access to real-time reports that provide deep insights into each job on the production line is vital for project manufacturers. Dynamics AX offers real-time reporting that presents up-to-date information on key data metrics while maintaining an appropriate level of performance for operational processing. Additionally, the built-in BI capabilities enable you to predict industry trends, uncover customer insights, and operate your production processes efficiently round-the-clock.
  • Personalized Dashboards: With Dynamics AX’s personal dashboards, you can provide employees with information that is most relevant to them. With BI data at your fingertips, you can know where your sales is headed, how your inventory is stacked up, understand project projections, and determine your production schedule based on demand to make smarter decisions faster.
  • Materials Requirement Planning: Having the right materials in the right place at the right time is imperative to ensure smooth operation of the production process. With Dynamics AX, you can evaluate supply and demand, and gain complete control over project planning to ensure there is enough supply of materials to meet customer demand. Based on supply, you can create new manufacturing orders, cancel existing orders, change quantities, and transfer inventory, minimizing cost and schedule overruns.
  • Project Execution Tracking: Dynamics AX offers specialized capabilities that integrate all aspects of your project execution environment and allow you to plan and track time and resources based on project requirements, while maintaining integrity and quality of the production process. Get complete visibility and process control of your shop floor and assess manufacturing conditions and constraints to expedite solutions as soon as possible.
  • Cost Analysis: In order to ensure profitability, it is critical for project manufacturers to constantly track and analyze manufacturing costs. With Dynamics AX, you can count your direct and indirect costs that are shared across projects and manufacturing orders and track expenses to arrive at a cost-benefit analysis. By centralizing administrative functions, you can have a centralized accounting department attached to your entire production unit that runs a single, integrated system and gives you a consolidated view of all your costs.
  • Integration with other Systems: Dynamics AX enables you to output your job status and seamlessly share real-time information with other systems for on-time and quality delivery. Additionally, you can also share job related information with the customer, without giving away proprietary and confidential information.


Achieve Unparalleled Project Success with Dynamics AX

Unprecedented challenges like increasing customer demands and shorter product lifecycles mount to global competition and regulation in the project manufacturing industry. Dynamics AX helps you meet all your business challenges with a powerful combination of technology and pre-integrated business applications that have been developed specifically for project manufacturers. Now synchronize supply and demand, offer faster response times, streamline operations and maximize ROI across your project organization and achieve unparalleled success while exceeding customer expectations.

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