How To Use Dynamics GP Bill of Materials to Manufacture the World’s Best Maple Syrup

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Image_2I believe that Crown Maple® produces the world’s best maple syrup. And I like it even more because I know they use the Bill of Materials module in Microsoft Dynamics in their manufacturing process.

Manufacturing systems are typically considered to be complicated. But Crown Maple proves that this does not have to be the case.

Tamar Roman, Inventory Control and Admin Manager at Crown Maple describes the process:

“On the manufacturing side we have a Bill of Materials (BOM) for each item. For example, one of our most popular items is DA12 which is our dark syrup in a 375 millimeter bottle. I have the BOM set up so that every time that we assemble that item it is going to draw the physical bottle, the label, the cap, the shrink cap and the correct fluid ounces of syrup from our bulk syrup.

All of those component items are automatically updated in Dynamics GP every single time that I run an assembly.

The way that we do it is as we're bottling syrup or packaging sugar in our bottling room, we wait until that product is 100 percent finished. It gets bottled, it gets labeled, it gets a cork, it gets a shrink cap and so forth and then it's transferred into shipping.  At the time that it's transferred into shipping, I get a physical piece of paper, a record showing that it's been transferred.  Then I go into Dynamics GP and I enter the assembly so that everything is pulled from inventory at that time.  And of course I can see right away if we're running into an issue with inventory after the assembly process because it would pop up right away if I needed more of some components.

So Bill of Materials in Dynamics GP is just what we need without being too complicated.”

Read the full case study: Maple Syrup Manufacturer/Distributor Goes From Bark To Bottle With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Cavallo SalesPad

Watch the video.

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