How to Budget the Cost of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Accounting Software

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Perhaps you are thinking of upgrading or replacing your current ERP or accounting software system; no doubt, after weighing your options, you are considering one of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. You’ve decided that Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the functionality you need, but what about the price? Does it fit your budget? There is an easy way to find out: The ERP Software Blog’s free automatic Quick Quote Tool.

The Quick Quote tool is designed to give your company a ballpark estimate of the cost of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software and installation. You answer a few questions about your needs and business processes, your current accounting software, number of users, cloud or on premise, etc. The process takes only a few minutes and the estimate is automated. Your contact information will be made available to only ONE local Microsoft partner who can help with any questions you may have.

Your personalized Quick Quote will include the cost of license fees, annual maintenance (if on premise), subscriptions fees (if in the cloud) and cost of implementation as well as the name of a Microsoft Dynamics partner in your area.

As budgeting is an essential part of any consideration of new ERP software, this tool will be a valuable time saver during your search.

Access the Quick Quote tool here

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