5 ERP Training Tips for Your Team

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The decision has been made: your team will be undergoing an ERP software integration. With all the different moving parts involved, it can be easy to overlook the basics - optimized training. Follow these tips to ensure your team members are best poised for success.

Make ERP Training A Priority

Unfortunately, your business doesn’t get to stop operating just because your software is changing. That said, if you don’t put the proper controls in place to make the integration successful, then you stand the risk of undermining your decision to switch software in the first place.

Train Based on Role

Executives and managers won’t have the same needs as team members, so this is a good opportunity to train smarter and not harder. Don’t feel obligated to use the same cookie cutter method for every member of your company during a ERP software integration.

Use Multiple Training Methods

Just as people vary in their learning styles, there will be different ways of learning that works differently for each. Whether it’s simulations, webinars or traditional classroom training, provide a variety of tools to meet the wide range of learning styles of your team.

Keep Communication Open

Rather than just tossing a hefty manual to your team and wishing them luck, work to demonstrate in concrete ways how you envision the software change impacting daily operations. At least knowing where management is coming from can go a long way in getting better participation.

Train for Real Scenarios

Presenting your team with real-world test cases for your ERP software integration will be a lot more helpful than generic training modules. Find a way to marry the training resources you have with the real day-to-day jobs specific to your company, then try to present a training solution that makes the most sense to your specific company.

Congratulations - you are well on your way to a successful ERP implementation. Just remember that no matter how challenging it is, if you trust the process and follow these tips, at the end of the day you’ll have a better, more efficient way of doing business!

Iris Schimke is CEO of Express Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Texas that provides ERP training and support.

by Express Information Systems

1 thought on “5 ERP Training Tips for Your Team”

  1. I agree. Rather than demonstrating the modules, it is always better to train ERP with real test cases specific to the company and that makes the learning more ingrained and successful. This makes the process easy too as the real scenarios of the company are known to the employees and implementation can be faster and the software replacement can bring fruition.

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