Should Your Cloud Provider Be a Microsoft Dynamics Expert?

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Having a cloud service provider that doesn’t offer Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM expertise in addition to hosting expertise is like saying you’ll hire the first applicant who applies for the job—they might be qualified, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask the hard questions first.

It’s likely you’ve observed that many cloud service providers sell with just their hosting abilities; however, most of the hosting they provide is targeted toward Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM users. Choosing a cloud provider for your Microsoft Dynamics who doesn’t have Microsoft Dynamics expertise could put a heavy weight on your business’ shoulders. To know your services are supported and hosted properly, ask your cloud provider the following:

Who will be handling after hours support—your Microsoft Partner or the hosting provider?

Moving your Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud means you can work anytime, anywhere—including from after hours from your home couch. Let’s say you need help with something after hours. If you find out your cloud hosting provider does not have Microsoft Dynamics expertise in house, then who will be available to help you? Your partner or your hosting provider? And in either case, what will they charge you for after-hours support—and do they even offer it? Stay alert when asking about after-hours pricing, as BOTH providers may charge extra for support outside from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.

Will my add-on applications work in the cloud?

Not all cloud providers support add-on applications equally. That means the add-on applications you are already using with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM may not perform as well in some cloud environments as they would on premise. The only way to know for sure if they will function properly is to look and see if your cloud provider has Microsoft Dynamics experts on staff who can test the functionality of your add ons before you move to the cloud.

Can my Dynamics GP and CRM be customized?

Some Microsoft Partners can handle complicated customizations on the Dynamics suite, but there may be limits as to what they are capable of handling—or comfortable handling. That’s why it’s essential for your cloud service provider to have Microsoft Dynamics engineers on staff that are comfortable performing your custom Dynamics GP and CRM requests – even future customization to your Dynamics tools. If your existing Partner already handles customizations with ease, then you can take heart in knowing that you’ll have an extra set of hands if your Partner needs additional assistance with a particularly complicated request.

When shopping, keep in mind Microsoft Dynamics expertise on staff is an added benefit for your Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM security and support. Click here to see other frequently asked questions to ask your cloud service provider.

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