How Much Does New Accounting Software Cost?

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When a company decides that it is time to upgrade from accounting software like QuickBooks, the first question is: “How much does it cost?” It’s not as easy as finding a price tag on the bottom of the box.  There are many variables - ways you can save money, waste money, and lots of hidden costs to avoid – that all factor into your total project price.  We publish the Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software price list on our website but believe it or not, software is only a fraction of the total cost.

Over the past 30+ years, the team at CAL Business Solutions has quoted and installed financial management software for hundreds of customers.  And we find that most people who call us just don’t realize the costs involved – and that makes our job more difficult. Nobody likes to try to resuscitate someone suffering from sticker shock!  So we created a detailed white paper designed to educate buyers and take the guesswork out of the cost of accounting software/ERP implementation projects.

This guide will help you learn exactly what you should expect (and demand) in your quote, 30 critical questions you must ask to avoid hidden costs and 16 ways to save money and avoid the mistakes other companies make.  It also includes a few bonus sections: 

  • First Things First: What to Do Before the Quote
  • How to Pick the Right Software Partner
  • WhyDo ERP Projects Go Over Budget?
  • ERP Project Quote Worksheet

We use Microsoft Dynamics GP as the example, but the principles discussed apply to almost all mid-market accounting software systems.  For anyone considering an accounting software upgrade now or in the future – it is worth the read. And pass it along to your CFO.  Download the PDF at

Then request a free automated Microsoft Dynamics GP Quick Quote - with estimated license, maintenance and implementation costs - at

by CAL Business Solutions - Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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4 thoughts on “How Much Does New Accounting Software Cost?”

  1. As a fellow Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, I found your whitepaper to be extremely helpful and especially pertinent during the current economic climate. Right now is a time where businesses are especially hesitant to dedicate a generous budget to an ERP project, and it's fair to conclude that many are balking at investing in such an undertaking because they do not fully understand the scope of the efforts. Your whitepaper was certainly enlightening and worth the time reading by anyone in the market for Dynamics GP--or any ERP solution.

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