Four IT resolutions for the New Year

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As usual this time of the year, we are inspired to wish our customers the best for the New Year. For these wishes to become reality, however, they must be accompanied by a good dose of planning and dedication to accomplish some key goals in order to guarantee maximum performance of your business systems.  With this idea in mind, we bring all Microsoft Dynamics users our four IT resolutions for the New Year, originally published on ICON's blog.  The best news is that it will probably be easier to achieve these goals than to lose those pesky pounds you gained over the holidays...


  1. Review your hardware: The technological infrastructure is more fragile than most people would like to admit.  Make sure to validate the technical requirements of your systems versus your current hardware configuration.
  2. Update your software: Software changes bring improvements (sometime substantial ones) in diverse areas of your business.  To take advantage of these improvements, however, you may need to update more than just Microsoft Dynamics; it might be necessary to update some of the infrastructure software that supports it, such as Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server.
  3. Update your personnel: Undoubtedly the most important piece in your technology arsenal, but have they had the opportunities to grow their systems' knowledge? Software applications change, and to take advantage of their new features, it is important to upgrade the capabilities of your personnel as well.
  4. Verify your processes: When was the last time you reviewed your processes to improve upon them or take further advantage of your business systems? If the answer is "when we implemented the software the first time", then now is the time to review them again.  New software or hardware capabilities can very well improve some areas of your business or eliminate redundant work. Take advantage of those upgrades and apply them to automate new areas of your business or improve existing processes.


These are our four IT resolutions for the New Year.  Take them as healthy goal suggestions from ICON to your company and count on us if you need help to achieve them.  We may not be able to promise you will lose those pounds you gained over the holidays, but we sure are experts in helping you upgrade your systems to the latest Microsoft Dynamics technologies.  Contact us for help in planning your upgrades and making the best of the technologies you already use.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner


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