Why Employees Today Require a Mobile Requisition Solution

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Here we go again, another holiday party with the obligatory cookies, yule log and the guest who drank just a little too much punch.  What better time to get started on your shopping list by ordering a new iPad mini from the Apple website for your little sister - Check!  Now, if only it were this easy for you and your employees to requisition and buy the things they need for work right from their phone.  We’ll show you how the ability to buy online and submit and approve a requisition from any device will allow your employees to work the way they want to and provide you with centralized control over decentralized purchasing.

Purchasing from Preferred Suppliers on Any Device:

At a recent tradeshow presentation, hands flew up when we asked the audience (representing a wide range of industries) how many of them were interested in using their phone for requisitions.  Through these conversations, we’ve found that forward-thinking organizations today are prioritizing solutions that work on whatever phone, tablet or laptop is most convenient for employees at the time.  Ariett’s responsive design interface (similar to the responsive design that you would see on the Apple site) allows employees to have an enjoyable and productive purchasing experience regardless of the device they use – without the hassle of having to download a device-specific app.

With Ariett Requisitions, employees don’t have to pause their work and head back to an office; instead, they can make purchases directly from where they are.  For instance, employees out in the field, such as electricians or IT consultants, can order tools or parts on the go from their phone within a few minutes.  To initiate the requisition process, employees securely log in to Ariett from their phone and click “Punchout” to connect to their preferred supplier’s website.  Once they fill their shopping cart, they can check out, and a completed Ariett requisition with the amount, vendor, delivery date and type of purchase will be ready for review and approval.

Expedited Requisition Approval and Enhanced Collaboration:

Department managers and CFOs must also have the ability to quickly communicate with purchasing employees and review their purchase requests.  Imagine that an IT team member on a consulting job has just requisitioned some hardware by punching out to Dell’s website.  The department manager then reviews all details from his or her tablet, and requiring additional information about the project, rejects the requisition back to the consultant with a comment.  From start to finish of the approval process, Ariett captures a complete record and ensures that requisitions of different dollar amounts receive the necessary level of approval.

Marc Trudel, Business Operations Consultant at global mining company SEMAFO captures exactly how Ariett’s mobile capabilities can be helpful for approvers on the move:  “Because the CFO and directors are often working away from their desks, [Ariett] Touch – with visibility to Projects, GL Coding, attached electronic documents – makes it a lot easier for them to quickly review and approve requisitions.  Before using Ariett, a requisition could take over 3 weeks to process; now a requisition to purchase order is often approved on the same day.”

Simple, Paperless Receiving Process:

Upon approval, a purchase order is automatically generated and is ready for employees to complete the receiving of goods.  In the previous situation, your IT consultant receives the shipped hardware and can take a snapshot of the packing slip from a phone and email it to Ariett’s Cloud document service.  When the consultant logs in to Ariett, he or she can select the packing slip and associated purchase order and review and submit the receiving transaction.  Once the transaction has been submitted, a pending AP invoice transaction can be generated and posted to Dynamics GP.

Track Vendor Contracts and Purchasing Commitments:

To obtain even greater control over the purchasing and approval process, you may want to store your vendor contracts in Ariett.  Once the contract has been approved in Ariett, all related requisitions can be tagged to that contract.  For example, let’s say that you have a yearly contract with Dell and receive discounts for purchasing $150,000 or more; then, your IT consultant at a client’s site can select the contract when requisitioning from a phone.  When the CFO looks at the contract search screen on a tablet, the CFO can view the initial and remaining contract amount and drill into the contract to view all purchase commitments.

Whether you’re reviewing a contract budget, punching out to a supplier’s website or receiving packing slips, Ariett Software will help you to get things done on any device.  Just think – you and your employees will no longer dread a drawn out purchasing process that must be completed from a dinosaur desktop or laptop; at your next holiday shindig, you might just have more fun doing a little mobile requisitioning for your team!

Do you have a requisition, invoice and procurement solution ready for a mobile workforce?  If not, then it’s time to join Ariett’s next live product demonstration.  Click here to register: https://ariett.webex.com/ariett/onstage/g.php?MTID=e7e01e3e08a621bac596f11181ad26737.

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