Top 5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Whenever a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP is released there is always excitement in the air. Yet, in order to ensure implementation runs smoothly and quickly there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration.

Dynamics GP is on a 6-month release schedule which alters the way clients and partners have taken on their projects. At Logan Consulting, we focus on these important upgrade factors in order to ensure a painless transition:

System Requirements – We cannot stress enough the importance of looking deeply at system requirements before going through with an upgrade. Although seemingly simple, system requirements have a great impact on your ability to upgrade.  Besides just minimum software and hardware requirements, also check whether certain versions of your software components are still supported.

IT Environment Engineering Changes: When going through with an upgrade you might also want to consider whether this is your opportunity to change your technological foundation, such as moving your system to the cloud.

Customization: Every company is different, so it helps that Microsoft Dynamics GP offers ample amounts of customization. You’ll want to define your need for customization or third party add-ons before implementation in order to adjust your software to fit your needs.

New Features – New features are probably the most exciting part of any software upgrade. Yet, these features may have a substantial impact on your business such as covering new business requirements and major performance enhancements. It is important to know and prepare yourself for these new and improved features ahead of time.

Plan Development: Most importantly, when it comes to upgrading it is essential to have a set plan and set way of communicating. All departments and end users should be included in your upgrade process.

For any help with the Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrade or customization process contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP partners.

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