Game Changing Trend 5: Increasing Complexity of Compliance

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7 Gam Changing Trends: Why it's time to move to online accounting software

Keeping up with constantly changing environmental regulations, tax laws, and industry compliance standards is a huge challenge for businesses today. Your ERP system should adapt to these changes, minimizing the costs and disruption to your business.

The cost of keeping pace

Compliance with regulations, industry standards, and corporate quality initiatives can be complex and costly. You need flexible systems that can quickly adjust to new requirements and reduce your risk of noncompliance.

Cloud-based business systems are designed to adapt

Whether you need to comply with ACA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GASB or any other regulatory or corporate standard, cloud ERP can maintain the integrity of your information as well as provide flexibility. With cloud-based ERP, your organization can:

  • Automate compliance processes and workflows to eliminate the spreadsheets that your employees currently maintain.
  • Simplify with reporting that pulls data from consolidated information gathered from across the business.
  • Provide the formalized data security that some regulations demand, and that many in-house IT groups can’t deliver.

With the flexibility of cloud-based ERP, you will be able to adapt your workflows and processes to adjust to the ever-changing demands of regulatory compliance.

What other trends will impact your business?

Download the white paper “7 Game changing trends: Why it’s time to move to online accounting software” to find out more.

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7 Game Changing Trends: Why it's time to move to online accounting software

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