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Business leaders each have different roles relevant to business growth. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) focuses on daily operations in addition to mapping the strategic direction of the business. Taking the business in the right direction requires ingenuity, forward-thinking, and reliable business information needed for data-driven decisions. Asking the right questions and leveraging data is not only good for the business, it’s also good for the employees.

Today’s CEO has a lot on their plate between monitoring the health of the business while also attending to employee needs. Maintaining control and insight over payroll processing, benefits management, and regulatory compliance furthers the company as much as it does the employees. Download “Meeting Today’s Challenges With Tomorrow In Mind” to learn three ways CEOs can use modern technology to tap into the power of data to make the decisions that keeps business moving forward:

  1. Know your payroll costs: Payroll can become complex as employees work across different departments or at different tasks.  Monitoring the true costs of each profit center is necessary for budgeting at the departmental level, processing accurate payroll, and for forecasting future labor needs. Employee Accounts and Splits can automate complex payroll posting, saving time and improving accuracy as employee costs are split between cost centers.
  2. Attract top talent: Employees contribute to business success and you want to keep experienced, innovative, and productive employees on your payroll. Offering paid-time-off, retirement plans, and other benefits can improve employee satisfaction and retention; however, they can be difficult to manage.  Automate benefit programs with modern business solutions. You can save time when managing retirement plans, leave management, and other benefits as well as reduce errors with both payroll and benefit management.
  3. Improve regulatory compliance: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting could become a major distraction for many businesses. The IRS forms are detailed, which requires a lot of your time and attention. Streamline ACA compliance and reporting by using the technology that can capture the data and populate IRS forms.

A successful CEO can balance the needs of the business with the needs of their employees but this can’t happen without the support of stronger business technology. Download “Meeting Today’s Challenges With Tomorrow In Mind” and contact Integrity Data for learn more about the payroll solutions that can help you propel your company forward.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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