What Is Scalable Licensing?

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Have you ever heard cloud providers throw around the phrase ‘scalable licensing’? It’s a popular phrase in the industry, but it’s a concept that isn’t widely understood.

Simply put, scalable licensing allows you to acquire as many or as few Microsoft Dynamics user licenses as you need for that exact month. That means if you need 5 users this month and 10 next month, you can pay for exactly that: 5 users this month, and 10 users next month. The best part about scalable licenses is the cost savings they can provide for your business—no more buying licenses for the year based on the peak number you’ll need during one or two months of the year.

Scalable licensing works best for businesses that have fluctuations in their staff or in their sales throughout the year. In comparison to traditional licenses, cloud-based user licenses can help you easily add new users for things like opening a second office location, or for an increased staffing need. Adding new users is easy—all you have to do is call your cloud service provider and ask to tack on the number of licenses you need for the coming month. Your cloud provider will adjust your monthly bill accordingly.

For Microsoft Dynamics ERP users, adding or subtracting user licenses throughout the year can be a huge benefit to companies with seasonal needs—like tax preparation businesses or school districts—as well as for companies going through a good deal of growth.

The good news is that with Myappsanywhere, there are no minimums or maximums on the number of Dynamics licenses you can have. That means you can have 200 licenses today and 5 next month—all with just a simple change request.

You can learn more about scalable licenses and the benefits of housing your Microsoft Dynamics ERP in a secure cloud environment by visiting us here.

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