Top 16 Reasons to Attend the Altico-Sikich Fall Festival

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If you're within driving distance of Framingham, MA, the Altico-Sikich Fall Festival is not to be missed. I could talk about the awesome keynote speaker, the gala cocktail hour, the prizes galore, and the Hands On Lab that's open all day. But instead, I'm going to give you the top 16 reasons you should attend. The list you are about to see contains the titles of the 16 breakout sessions that we'll be offering for companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and/or NetSuite. It's also ideal for those of you who are in the midst of choosing a new accounting, ERP and/or CRM software system for your company. REGISTER NOW

  1. Paperless Automation: Current Challenges; Future Benefits and Value (Brought to you by ACOM Solutions)
  2. Invest in the World's most Effective Travel & Expense Platform (Brought to you by Concur)
  3. What's New in NetSuite: A Gimpse of the Future (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  4. Leveraging the Cloud to Maximize your Technology Investments (Brought to you by Machado Consulting)
  5. Power Up your GP System with Power BI: The Future of Business Intelligence (Brought to you by Sikich, LLP)
  6. Advance your Knowledge with CRM 2015 Tips and Tricks for your Piggy Bank (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  7. Take a Step into your Future with NetSuite Tips and Tricks (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  8. Enhancing Growth: Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Work Better Together (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  9. Complex Business Reporting Simplified for Dynamics GP: A Wise Investment (Brought to you by BizNet Software)
  10. Explore Dynamics CRM: Calculated Fields vs Roll-up Fields | What?Where/How/Why (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  11. The Integration Imperative: The Path to a Better Future (Brought to you by Scribe Software)
  12. Future of Finance (Brought to you by Adaptive Insights)
  13. Add a Wealth of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Tips to your Bag of Tricks (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  14. Dynamics CRM Social Listening: Driving the Future of Social Interactions (Brought to you by Altico Advisors Now Sikich)
  15. Financial Reporting, Forecasting & Future Planning with Microsoft Excel (Brought to you by SMARTVIEW)
  16. The Changing Face of Digital Integration and the Future of API Orchestration (Brought to you by Jitterbit)

You may have noticed a theme that runs throughout these 16 sessions, and that's not coincidence. Because the theme, the focus, the mission of the Fall Festival is to provide you with the tools you need to "Invest in the Future." It's not just about software. It's not just about technology. It's all of the ways that you can invest in your future, personally and professionally.

So join us on Tuesday, October 27th from 8:30 to 5:00, and make that investment. THE TIME TO REGISTER IS NOW

Submitted by Altico Advisors Now Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner serving New Hampshire (NH) and beyond.

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