Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Payroll Manager?

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Taking on the role of payroll manager isn’t for the weak, it’s for someone with tenacity and fortitude.  Being responsible for making sure each employee receives the paycheck that they are owed and benefits are calculated accurately is no small task, especially knowing that a mistake can impact the family behind each paycheck.  The stakes are high and payroll managers need to pay attention to every dollar and cent, and to rely on powerful software to support those efforts.

The primary responsibility for payroll managers is to make sure paychecks are processed properly and provided to employees on time.  The process grows increasingly complicated as various benefits are often tied to the payroll process:

  • mid-period wage changes or overtime hours can impact payroll
  • and new IRS rules for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting add new challenges.

When the lives of your employees and their families are on the line, the pressure to process payroll accurately and consistently is high.  Download “Payroll Management Is Not For The Faint Of Heart,” a complimentary article to learn how you can successfully manage complicated payroll processes with the support of modern business solutions.

Time-saving automations can streamline payroll processing as well as improve consistency and accuracy of payroll calculations.  Simple, yet powerful add-on solutions, such as Mid Pay Period Rate Changes can apply rate changes that can occur in the middle of a pay period as employees shift between job tasks, departments, or earn promotions.  Overtime Hours Rules automates the application of corporate rules for overtime calculations and provides compliance with FLSA and those states that may have additional overtime rules requirements.  Finally, managing the data necessary for ACA compliance is easier with the ACA Compliance Solution which captures and populates the reports that will soon be needed by the IRS and your employees.

It takes guts to be a payroll manager and an attention to detail that ensures paychecks are delivered timely and accurately.  Download “Payroll Management Is Not For The Faint Of Heart” and contact Integrity Data for more information about the payroll solutions that can streamline payroll processing, regulatory compliance, and give your employees the peace of mind that their paychecks will be delivered correctly each payday.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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