Microsoft Dynamics AX Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Capabilities

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Manufacturing and distribution

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) created explicitly for the manufacturing and distribution can incorporate supply chain management and finance, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), human resources and operations management.

Are you ready to engage and execute in intelligent operations?

The world of commerce is currently seeing a move away from the conventional model of straightforward production and sales. Supply processes have become globalized, providing customers greater choice in where they source products and requiring their suppliers to foresee their needs and pinpoint industry trends as well as ensure timely and accurate delivery. To this end, suppliers require powerfully simple yet adaptable business management solutions. Microsoft Dynamics AX does this with custom-built and versatile applications, at the same time making it easy to provide outstanding client service.


In an environment of ever increasing competition producers have to demonstrate greater added value whether it be in terms of swifter turnaround, superior product quality or enhanced customer experiences. To stay ahead of the market manufacturers need the versatility to consistently innovate their business processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers built-in adaptability and is designed with exceptional operational capability at its heart, enabling your organisation to meet change and build competitive advantage.


Today, success in the distribution industry entails much more than operational efficiency. An ever evolving marketplace demands focus on optimizing inventory management, supporting local regulatory compliance and maximizing capital investments.  A dynamic and flexible approach is key to finding more effective means of warehousing and delivery, and returning these efficiency savings to your customers’ bottom line. Microsoft Dynamics AX equips distributors with powerful tools to achieve a high degree of synergy between logistics and other key operational areas, ensuring total supply chain transparency and management.


The customer service function needs to meet the challenges of evolving technologies just as much as the operational facets of Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing and distribution. In a world of ubiquitous information, Microsoft Dynamics enables your client service representatives to build enduring customer loyalty and offer a specifically tailored service to provide clients whatever they want, whenever they need it, over multiple channels.


Today’s technologically literate consumer has far greater power over their purchasing choices than at any previous time, making it vital that manufacturers and distributors gain insight into customer needs in order to forge stronger and more personalised partnerships.  Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates powerful sales management capabilities and insight into customer priorities so that you can identify and seize important sales opportunities. Understanding what sales approaches work best allows your sales team to connect with potential customers in a more relevant and rewarding conversation, and to sell more and faster by effectively managing your pipeline for increased closure rates.


Today’s manufacturers and distributors need to expand their traditional emphasis on operating efficiency to encompass more marketing oriented activities. While cost effectiveness is still vital, marketing has become a crucial tool in the drive to increase margins. With the marketing function rapidly evolving, the marketing team has greater involvement in the customer relationship, communicating in innovative ways through emerging mediums to provide incredible service. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing unlocks your marketing capacity, facilitating the effortless planning and implementation of campaigns from inception to conclusion, and at the same time monitoring the performance of allocated marketing resources.


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