GPUG and DynamicsPro Make the Dynamics GP Community Stronger than Ever

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As I sit in my hotel room during this year’s GPUG Summit, I am pondering the state of the Dynamics GP community.  I can happily say that I like what I am seeing as the Dynamics GP community is stronger than ever.

First of all, I am witnessing the growth of the GPUG user group communities by leaps and bounds.  The driving force behind these communities is not only the incredibly-dedicated leaders of GPUG and supporting partners, but so many actual users of Dynamics GP that really put their stamp on the name of the organization.

In my recent blog GPUG: A world-class user community I examine some of the key aspects that make this community so good for partners and end-users alike.  They truly make Dynamics GP a better product and I recommend any Dynamics user to get involved, share and benefit from the knowledge that is out there.

This year is special because not only GPUG is better than ever, but we are witnessing the birth of the Association of Dynamics Professionals.  This non-profit organization has been founded by reputable leaders of the Dynamics community with the goal of establishing competency standards and assessments.  The blog The Association of Dynamics Professionals: Our commitment is your insurance, touches on the fine points of why DynamicsPro is so important to the GP user community, especially at a time when the rapid expansion of Microsoft ERP in the market is putting the quality of implementations at risk.  DynamicsPro should be a key tool for customers to wisely choose their partners and minimize the risk of their Dynamics implementations.

ICON has been an active member of the Dynamics GP community since the 90s. We believe that stronger, knowledge-sharing partners make for better product implementations, as well as happier customers.  We are also very proud to be among the first members of the Association of Dynamics Professionals, and to help make Dynamics GP a better choice for our customers.  Contact us for quality Dynamics GP implementations..

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner




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