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Combat Medical

Combat Medical, an Appolis WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management (WMS) Customer, did a careful market analysis in selecting their WithoutWire Microsoft Dynamics compatible WMS. They were focused on a best-of-breed solution that would be rich in functionality, scalable into the future and provide them a rapid return on their investment.

Sounds easy, but you might be surprised. They considered Data Collection, with its inherent feature/function limitations and other higher priced WMS solutions. When you look at “apples to apples” comparisons they found that Appolis WithoutWire™ quickly separates itself from other competing systems. According to Sam Sanchez, Warehouse Manager at Combat Medical, “Combat Medical prides itself in providing the highest quality medical devices and solutions in the industry. Appolis WithoutWire is the tool we selected and implemented to take our operations to the next level.”

Combat’s business is quite complex when you consider tracking lot tracked items, serial tracked items and expiration dates in both WithoutWire and their Dynamics ERP. It certainly helped that WithoutWire was flexible in device options. The ability to use traditional rugged and/or Android and Apple smartphones and tablets definitely played a factor. Ease of Use, performance and power of iPads paired with durable Socket Mobile blue tooth scanners was their eventual choice as the most effective and efficient way to provide traceability and labor reduction to their complex inventory supply chain tracking needs.

Watch Case Study Video Now!

This 3 minute case study video allows you to see for yourself what Combat Medical saw as WithoutWire is put into action in their complex warehouse environment.

For more information, please check out our website at to learn how you can transform your warehouse into a highly efficient and wirelessly automated component of your real-time operations!


Steve Dwyer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

About Appolis

Appolis WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) provides efficient inventory and process optimization for distribution and manufacturing organizations looking for more robust lot tracked traceability of inventory. WithoutWire provides control to the movement and storage of materials received into, moved within, and shipped out of your warehouse, remote inventory and field service locations. WithoutWire Warehouse tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility of your inventory. WithoutWire will increase productivity and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and order fulfillment times to allow optimal decision making … on premise or in the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud.

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