Logging Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP the RIGHT Way

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Think that logging out of Microsoft Dynamics GP is as simple as clicking the big red X button at the top right of your screen? Think again: logging out of Microsoft Dynamics GP is not as easy as you may think.

We’re accustomed to clicking that big red X to log out of programs and windows—it’s easy, right? But while the quick exit from GP seems totally harmless, logging out in this manner can create all kinds of problems for you. Logging out of Dynamics GP in this manner can cause any processes you have running in the background to abort (meaning, they won’t finish), which in turn means that your batches may not properly post or your reports may not complete. The problems could be even worse if you log out this way in a cloud environment: if you have a runaway process in the background and you try to log out by clicking that big red X, you could get kicked out of Citrix, too—and that can lead to a slew of bigger issues with your Dynamics GP.

So let’s take a look at the right—and wrong—ways to log out of Dynamics GP:



To sum, the easiest way to exit out is clicking the red button. And yes, you may have been taught that was how to “close” programs, but there’s always that bit of hesitation as to if it really saved correctly. Should you wish to exit your application in this way, you will notice the box not only disappears, but so do the current tasks you completed.

The proper way to log out of Microsoft Dynamics GP is to go to the top left corner of the software and click on Microsoft Dynamics GP>Exit. See below:




As you can see it takes a couple of extra steps; however, exiting in this manner will ensure your Dynamics GP system is safe from any lost changes. So remember the next time you are in a hurry to close out, take action with this quick tip!

Have more questions about properly logging out? Ask them in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “Logging Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP the RIGHT Way”

  1. We have this same issue with our Citrix deployed Dynamics GP environment. What I generally do is create a shortcut for new users on their menu bar with the Exit, only, I rename it to <>. I then place this shortcut near the far right side, but not under the X. This way, the users is still only one click away, but it's the correct click.

    I also provide instructions to the users on how to create their own menu bar shortcut.

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