Choose Your Software Provider Well, There Is A Lot To Gain and More To Lose

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Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® AX, is more than plugging in DVDs or downloading software.  The implementation process takes a great deal of planning and preparation.  When done well, an ERP implementation can improve operations and lead to greater productivity and profitability.  When done poorly, however, a failed implementation can cost more money, many hours of time, and leave you in a position that is worse than when you started. 

Choosing your ERP software provider is almost as important as choosing the ERP solution itself.  You need experts on the software you choose, within your specific industry sector, and the follow-up support needed to ensure that the ERP solution is fulfilling your needs.  While that seems like a tall order, it isn’t.  Here are three important points that a software provider brings to the table:

  1. Strategy:

    Your software provider can guide you with choosing your implementation team, determine what features you need in an ERP solution, the type of data that needs capturing, and how you’ll use that data.  You need a cross-section representation of your business from the C-suite to the workers on the shop floor.  Tip the scales to one side or the other and you may end up with a solution that won’t support your organization.

  2. Align strategy with ERP:

    Many software providers are experienced with the common pain points and challenges facing specific industries and how ERP can solve those problems. Microsoft Dynamics AX, for example, offers industry-specific features, add-on options, and can be customized to meet unique business needs.  Integrating add-ons or customizing ERP is not typically something that many businesses can, or should, do on their own.

  3. ERP support:

    An experienced software provider can deploy your chosen ERP solution on-premises, in the cloud, or with a hybrid deployment.  Microsoft Dynamics AX can be deployed quickly and populated with key data.  Your software provider can also provide training and support to ensure your team knows how to use the new system properly.  Finally, standard maintenance can be performed, many times behind the scenes, to minimize business interruption.

ERP implementation has the potential to provide an impressive return on your investment when performed by experts.  Contact ANEGIS for guidance with the ERP implementation process because you have a lot to gain and even more to lose.

By ANEGIS, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

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