PODCAST: Real Time Posting in Dynamics GP

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real time posting in Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a highly batch-oriented system. It was designed to allow transactions to be stored and then reviewed or audited before they are populated into the financials, including the general ledger.

Pam Burnham
Pam Burnham

There are third-party posting solutions for Dynamics GP that will allow you to circumvent this review or auditing step, and many people may use these for Dynamics GP itself or for solutions from independent software vendors, including barcode scanning applications for inventory management and fixed asset management.

But does real time posting make sense in every instance? In this audio podcast featuring Panatrack resident Dynamics GP expert Pam Burnham, we gain insights to real time posting: when it makes sense, and when it does not. Can you post some types of transactions in real time and audit others before they are posted? What are the specific questions that ought to be asked as a company plans its own approach to posting to Dynamics GP in real time?

“You could post by transaction type, or set it up to post by batch ID assignment," Pam says. "So if you get new people or temporary people coming in, you can treat them differently than the people you know and trust who you can set up in a batch ID to be able to post in real time. But new people coming in can be set up so you can audit them.”

Listen to the informative podcast on Real Time Posting in Dynamics GP.


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