How to Leverage Microsoft Azure for Dynamics

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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s flexible cloud platform that allows businesses to quickly take advantage of a number of tools and apps available in the Azure public cloud.

Azure for Dynamics delivers mobility

ERP hosted on Microsoft Azure offers a great way to for Dynamics customers to leverage a flexible cloud computing platform with a growing collection of integrated services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web.

Businesses can leverage Microsoft Azure for Dynamics in a variety of hosting scenarios, including a hybrid model through a combination of Azure, private hosting or on premises.  This enables added flexibility and mobility of the system via the secure Microsoft data centers.  Customers can choose from perpetual licensing or monthly subscription licensing. To learn more about Azure SLAs and uptime guarentees, check out this article on Microsoft Azure Service Level Agreements for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Leveraging Azure for Dynamics

Dynamics products are now being designed with Azure in mind.  In fact it was announced recently that the Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 release will initially be only available on Azure, and it won’t be a surprise if upcoming releases of other Dynamics products will have a similar release plan.

However, Azure cloud pricing does not include implementation, maintenance and management services for enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP. So while Azure presents a fast reliable cloud infrastructure, launching an ERP cloud solution requires a certain expertise.

ERP cloud deployments are complicated and present a unique set of challenges, so even the most seasoned IT pros would be well advised to work with ERP cloud experts who have experience and a tested set of best practices.

While a Microsoft Dynamics VAR has the implementation, configuration and consulting experience, a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Partner will work with the VAR to provide the cloud licensing, architecture and compliance related services.

Whether you are new to Microsoft Dynamics ERP or an existing customer, you can use Microsoft Azure for Dynamics and take advantage of:

  • The complete Microsoft stack in a rock-solid cloud infrastructure and data-center.
  • Deployment flexibility with secure connections – adding virtual machines, CPU and RAM as needed.
  • ERP access from anywhere and any device and with the choice of a desktop client, web client or SharePoint client
  • Ability to combine on-premise environment with hosted cloud environments for your optimal needs.

Have heavy compliance concerns and need to know if Azure is right for you? Check out this quick reference guide on Private vs. Multi-tenant vs. Public cloud.

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