Integrate Business Data with Customer Data to Strengthen Customer Relationships

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Businesses that use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution have a thorough view of their business operations as well as insight into certain customer activities.  However, if you are using disparate specialty software for sales and marketing activities, then you could be missing out on an opportunity to learn more about your customers.  Gain a thorough view of your customers as you do your business by integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) solution with your ERP solution.

Running your business and managing customer needs are two different elements, yet they are closely connected.  Businesses that use ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, have a clear view of business-centric operations including financials, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, as well as human resources and payroll activities.  Although sales and customer service teams have a more customer-centric focus, they can operate with greater efficiency and control by connecting to the ERP solution with a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to manage all of your customer data, including product specifications or preferences, historical orders, and communications.  Your sales team can access customer-centric data through Microsoft Dynamics CRM and respond faster to customer needs.  Without putting the customer on hold, a sales or customer service representative can access a customer file, check on the status of an existing order, track shipments, or look up historical orders.  They can also become more proactive by identifying trends such as with replenishment orders, for example.  Your sales team can contact a customer, remind them a replenishment order may be due, and offer cross-sales or up-sales with items they may also be interested in.  This takes customer service to a whole new level, which would be appreciated by customers as well as impress them.

Connecting ERP and CRM links important data that can be used by the business side and the customer side of your business.  You can have a deeper view of your customers, get to know them better, and anticipate their needs.  Contact InterDyn BMI for more information about integrating ERP and CRM to strengthen customer relationships and build long-term loyalty.

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  1. More and more businesses will be opting for enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions in the future since businesses need a thorough viewpoint and insight into customer activities to be able to effectively tap into the market. But is that all? For more information on consumer habits, businesses need not restrict their partnership to ERP, instead it is a better idea to integrate customer relationship management or CRM solutions with ERP solutions. CRM solutions enable complete customer data management solutions, including previous communications, history of orders, and preferences. Lack of this may cause customer numbers to dwindle.

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