The Total Cost of Owning Microsoft Dynamics GP - Video

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Don’t you just hate hidden costs?

Software vendors love business customers. They often make most or even all of their money from them, and this should be no surprise when you look at all of the hidden costs and unnecessary features they tend to pile on to the base price of their software. Sometimes companies do not even realize how much they will actually have to pay for their software until it is too late. Microsoft, however, offers much more transparency to its customers, and with the right guidance, you can come to a reasonably close estimate of just how much you will spend on Microsoft Dynamics GP for as long as you use it.

You can divide Microsoft Dynamics GP cost into four parts:

  1. The cost of the actual software - Customers can purchase the Dynamics GP Starter Pack with a minimum of three concurrent user licenses to have basic functionality with all of the standard features available in Dynamics GP. Additional packs are available at a fixed cost, and additional user licenses are also available.
  2. Maintenance - Because you are running a business or non-profit and want everything to always go smoothly, maintenance is a must. Microsoft’s Business Ready Advantage Plan is required for the first year and optional each year after. With it, you will get upgrades, unlimited online training and more. The cost is 18% of the software list price.
  3. Implementation - This is where customers often fall into traps with some ERP vendors. Implementing can end up costing much more than it should. With Dynamics GP, your implementation will be handled by a trusted Microsoft Partner of your choice, such as CAL Business Solutions. We will take care of the installation, data conversion, integration with other software, customization, setup and training.
  4. Hardware - To run your ERP system on-premise, you will need the network infrastructure and server hardware to make it happen. This can involve a large upfront cost if you do not already have the necessary equipment. Alternatively, if you do not have the capital to buy hardware, you can have your GP implementation hosted in the cloud.

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To learn more about the total cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP and ways you can save money on your next ERP investment:

  1. Download the white paper: “30 Questions Every CFO Must Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”.
  2. Request a free automated Dynamics GP Quick Quote for license, maintenance and estimated implementation services.
  3. Schedule a Discovery Call with CAL Business Solutions to evaluate your options.

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