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It may come as a surprise that we actually do “eat our own dog food” here at Tensoft.  In fact, our Contract Billing Management (CBM) solution helped us solve our own complex billing needs!

This is an issue that many readers here may relate to, since Tensoft has many of the same business system needs as both our customers and readers at ERPSoftware Blog.  Being a company in the same industry as one of those that we service, we feel that we’ve gained a unique perspective on some of these issues by using our own product. So much so, that we used Tensoft as the subject of a video case study about Tensoft Contract Billing Management (CBM), and we’re sharing that here.

But first, a little background.  Previous to implementing Tensoft CBM and Tensoft Revenue Recognition Management (RRM), our processes for recognizing revenue and billing customers based on our complex software and services agreements weren’t automated. For example, our accounting team used to have to look up each customer agreement individually to verify their specific contract terms in order to create a new invoice. By implementing Tensoft CBM internally, we have been able to automate this process – and many more – significantly transforming our financial and accounting processes for the good.

Interested in seeing how we did it?  For the short video documenting our experience with Tensoft Contract Billing Management, click below:


by Tensoft, Inc


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