BC/NAV Saved Views are a Great Time Saver

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There are underutilized features in every software out there, but Microsoft Dynamics has one feature – Saved Views – that I show to people again and again. This incredible time-saver has actually been around since NAV2009, but I still see most Business Central / NAV users filtering and re-filtering their list views over and over again, many times a day. On average, in order to filter any simple view, you need to go to the list page, choose a field to filter, populate the value to filter, and then refresh the screen – all a minimum of four clicks each time you do it. Multiply this by many times a day, and you can see where we could save some time. This feature is easy to set up, and once you have it in place, you can get to the views you use each day with a single click.

Your first step is to go to the list view and do what you normally do – filter the list with all the filters you normally choose to see just the information you need to see. This should be the last time you do this!

Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 1

Now, choose the drop-down next to the name of your list view – in this case, Customers. You’ll see there is an option there – Save View As.

Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 2

You can now give this Saved View a name, whatever you’d like to call it, and you can place it either on the Home portion of the Navigation Pane, or any other area of the Navigation Pane. I like to save the views I use frequently under a navigation button I’ve created called My Favorites. Once you choose OK, you’ll need to allow BC/NAV to restart briefly to pick up the new saved view.

Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 3


Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 4

Take a look at the My Favorites button on the Navigation Pane to find your newly Saved List. With just a single click, you’ll get to your frequently used report every time, saving yourself many clicks each day.

Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 5

If you ever forget where you put a Saved View and you can remember even part of the name, BC/NAV even allows you to use the Search function to look for the view you created so you can get to where you put it quickly and easily.

Saved Views are a Great Time Saver 6


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