Management Reporter 2012 CU12 Can't Export

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Management Reporter 2012 CU12 Bug Security Patch 9317

Apparently there is another bug with CU12.  If a client has security patch 9317 installed they cannot export or import using the mouse.  If you need to import or export, go to company-building blocks then move the mouse to the bottom of the computer screen to get it off the window.  Then press ALT-E to Export or ALT-I to import then use the ALT-A to select all items on the active page then press the right arrow key on the keyboard and keep selecting tabs until you are ready to export (ALT-E) or import (ALT-A).

This is a critical bug that is supposed to be in the next service release possibly on the 17th.

CU12 Bug

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by Kevin Powell, CPA CGMA

by ACE Microtechnology, Inc.

1 thought on “Management Reporter 2012 CU12 Can't Export”

  1. Thank you, thank you Kevin! In finding this post I was able to avoid hours of copying and pasting of multiple reports, trees, rows, etc.. from one client company to another. VERY much appreciate this share!

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