Before Making the Switch to a Tier 1 Solution: Make Sure That You Are Using All the Tools that Microsoft Dynamics GP Has to Offer

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Microsoft Dynamics GP may be recognized as a Tier 2 solution, but that doesn’t mean it is an ERP system that would not be able to support your organization’s growing needs. Before making the switch, make sure that you are using all of these tools that Dynamics GP has to offer:

1. Advanced out-of-the-box functionalities

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many advanced functionalities that lend itself well for large and growing companies such as:

  • The ability to manage a high volume of transactions;
  • Multicurrency capabilities as well as the ability to convert multiple rate tables on a daily basis;
  • The possibility to work within a multi-company environment in order to be able to consolidate all information at the end of a period;
  • Additional modules such as Distribution, Manufacturing, HR and Payroll;
  • Advanced reporting capabilities and the possibility of creating personalized reports.

2. Third-party applications that meet specific industry needs or process requirements

Another important reason why Dynamics GP lends itself so well to growing with your company is the possibility of adding specialized third party solutions to your current application. These are applications that add functionalities to your system and are typically fully integrated to your Dynamics GP solution so you can be assured when you migrate that these systems have already been tested to meet the requirements of the current version. These applications could be either industry or process focused and can help extend the limitations of a basic ERP system.

These applications are usually set up to meet best practices therefore also reducing the implementation time required to get your system up and running. Check out this blog article on 129 Add On Products for Dynamics GP to review some of these third-party solutions that are available.

3. Other Microsoft tools

There are also a number of other tools that are offered by Microsoft to help Microsoft Dynamics GP users more efficiently manage their financials. Some of these tools include:

  • Integration Manager: a module that helps convert, process and enter data into your system
  • Management Reporter: a tool that is used to consolidate the financial statements of your companies within Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics CRM: a customer relationship management system that can be integrated to Dynamics GP. This allows a greater number of users to review pertinent data and have it updated in real-time.

Another reason to look into (or stick with!) Dynamics GP is the time required to implement such a system. A typical implementation time of Microsoft Dynamics GP usually ranges between 3-6 months, whereas a Tier 1 implementation is usually measured in years. This does not only change how long it takes to be up and running, but also how much money you need to invest into such a system.

Within our customer base, we have seen many companies grow with our system. We have companies that range from 30 to 3000 employees just to give you an idea that with the right tools in place this system can really take on extensive levels of complexity.

Before making your final decision if a Tier 1 solution is really your next step, speak to a Dynamics GP specialist and have an honest discussion on what are your non-negotiables and you will probably be surprised to see how far a Dynamics GP solution can take you.

By JOVACO Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation specialist in Quebec

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