Hardware and Software Leasing for Dynamics GP Users?

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Here at Panatrack, we work with many solid, middle market companies who have an immediate need to get control over inventory in their organization. Upon implementing a solution, they can expect measurable return on investment. They will be able to streamline the order fulfillment process, eliminate excess inventory, handle peak demand with fewer employees, avoid stockouts and backorders and stop picking the wrong products. Reductions in inventory carrying costs, non-value-added work and temporary help for peak demand periods liquidate the project cost in a hurry. This is over and above soft benefits like improved customer service and satisfaction and customer retention.

Sometimes of course, budgets get in the way of the capital expenditure for handheld barcode scanners, label printers and the Panatracker GP inventory control and asset tracking software.

But what if that organization could get the hardware and implement the software and pay a very small monthly lease payment, with the full payments only kicking in after a time period within which they could realize ROI? That is exactly the kind of flexibility hardware and software leasing can deliver.

Alex Rode
Alex Rode

"There are a number of options that allow us to get a customer into mobile handhelds, printers and PanatrackerGP software without a huge up front cash outlay," Panatrack Product Specialist Alex Rode said. "We are not in the leasing business, but we have friends who are, and can help our customers come up with creative solutions."

According to Rode, there is a cost associated with delaying the software project. Each month the software and hardware are not implemented, shipments may be missed, customers frustrated or excess capital tied up in inventory to cover for inadequate inventory tracking capabilities.

"Our prospective customers are frustrated, because it can be a chicken and egg scenario," Rode said. "The ROI from the project will liquidate the cost. But they need the ROI to pay for the project. We can work with them so they get get the chicken and the egg at the same time. It's really pretty cool."

In this new executive brief by Patrick Small of Ascentium Capital, Patrick lays out the concepts PanatrackerGP and Microsoft Dynamics GP software buyers need to understand how to intelligently get involved with leasing their hardware and software. Unlike other finance methods, did you know leasing will cover all of your hardware and software costs as opposed to a rigid percentage of hardware to software? Learn about the other benefits, and the different ways a lease agreement can be structured, with this simple, quick read!

Leasing Hardware and Software
Get Patrick Small's Executive Brief now! And figure out how hardware and software leasing can get you into the benefits of PanatrackerGP sooner than you think!


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