Benefits of Adding SmartView to your Microsoft Dynamics System

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SmartViewWhen you work with several different systems, reentering data in multiple places is inevitable. Or does it have to be? With SmartView from eOne, there’s no more data reentry between Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, and even Excel spreadsheets.

Let your customers do the work by entering their information into your online forms, where SmartView then seamlessly transitions that data and creates an invoice and a customer card in Microsoft Dynamics GP. All inputted information is also available in your sales transactions order window.

Your sales and marketing team then has access to that same information within Microsoft Dynamics CRM in an auto-populated marketing list and contact cards, giving your team the opportunity to continue to market to those who have contacted you or purchased from you. What happens if your marketing manager updates a customer’s contact information in CRM? It’s automatically updated in GP. No re-entry needed.

SmartView allows you to cut back on the number of GP or CRM licenses needed, as information can be pulled directly into Excel spreadsheets. If you make an adjustment to the data in Excel, the SmartConnect tool automatically updates the information your systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP currently includes SmartList, which is a basic reporting tool with a limit of four filters. You also must have a GP license to use the functionality. SmartView offers unlimited filters, totals to screen, easy grouping, export to Excel, and the ability to see lists outside of GP so no license needed.

View a demo of SmartView and contact Stoneridge Software for more information or to schedule a personalized demo.

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