The 6 Biggest Microsoft Dynamics Misconceptions

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Microsoft Dynamics is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Despite its popularity, rumors and misconceptions persist about the software’s structure and use.

If your organization is implementing or updating its ERP and considering Microsoft Dynamics, this list is for you. Know the facts before you make a decision.

Misconception #1: Dynamics Is One Specific Product

The first and largest misconception is that Dynamics is a single product. In reality, Dynamics is an ERP suite available in four versions: AX, GP, SL and NAV. There is also a customer relationship management (CRM) client that, while available standalone, integrates seamlessly with the ERP and is usually utilized alongside it. Each version is best suited to a certain kind of organizational size, industry and workflow needs.

It’s important to identify and implement the version designed for your needs. During the selection process, research diligently, talk to experts and determine which version provides the right fit. Don’t make a snap decision and regret it later when you face unnecessary, difficult implementation problems.

Misconception #2: Dynamics Is Only Cloud-Based

While each version of Dynamics ERP is available via the cloud, the technology also supports hosted solutions. Although the cloud is increasingly known for its security, flexibility and risk-mitigating benefits, it still makes sense for some organizations to keep certain technology elements on-site.

It is worth noting that unlike ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is purely cloud-hosted.

Misconception #3: Purchasing Dynamics Guarantees Success

Purchasing Dynamics doesn’t ensure success. To make any ERP system work, your organization’s hardware and processes must align correctly. Additionally, without management and staff buy-in, problems often arise as the system is immediately met with resistance.

Misconception #4: The Extent Of Support Offered

Because Microsoft Dynamics is only sold through qualified partners, most people assume that the purchase entails some degree of support. However, many decision-makers close on Dynamics without properly vetting their vendor and finding out just how deep support goes.

This is a critical lapse in judgment. A good vendor makes or breaks the ERP implementation process by asking the right questions and possesses the necessary experience to ensure success. A poor vendor sells the product and offers minimal, stock support. When considering Dynamics, make sure you choose a provider in the first category.

Misconception #5: Implementation = Training

Some businesses expect the ERP implementation process to consist of the installation and training. In reality, different providers offer different processes. An effective process doesn’t stick to “the motions.” Rather, it evolves in line with each company’s objectives, processes and needs.

A skilled provider doesn’t take every current process and import it into the post-ERP system. Instead, they question every process and help the client achieve true efficiency. They also eliminate unnecessary software and other burdens slowing down the client’s business.

Misconception #6: When The Implementation Is Over, All Is Done

After the implementation is complete, a quality provider offers several additional services to further improve its client’s experience. As a prospective client, you should expect dedicated phone support, on-call availability to help with software updates and continued consulting on process improvement.

Ultimately, full success with Microsoft Dynamics ERP is only possible through a calculated, measured approach to researching and selecting your software and partner. Don’t be misled by common misconceptions. Be sure you understand what’s necessary to achieve success and get results.

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