Why Work with an ERP Implementation Partner

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When it comes to implementing an ERP solution, your options are only expanding. When you are considering which technology consulting partner to bring in to assist you, there are a number of factors to consider.

Some people ask why companies work with consultants in the implementation of ERP systems. The 2015 ERP Report by Panorama Consulting showed that seventy-seven percent of companies implementing or upgrading ERP systems work with consultants for selection and implementation assistance. The explanations for working with consultants vary from, fixing a failed effort attempt to full management. Twenty-four per cent of the companies surveyed used consultants to fully manage the implementation, 18% wanted unbiased selection advice, another 18% were seeking specific expertise to support their internal team, 17% wanted a strategic partner with industry specific expertise, 14% needed organization change support and 8% were seeking turn around assistance.

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Working with consultants for the implementation of ERP systems has resulted in positive business practices and advantages. Companies that have worked side-by-side with consultants:

  • experienced a higher probability of success because consultants have experiences of similar projects,
  • saved time and money due to the experience and expertise of the consultants,
  • decreased risk of failure
  • had the ability to negotiate better deals because their consultants have contacts with other vendors.

Selecting the right system is actually the easy part of an ERP implementation. The challenge is finding the right consulting organization who will partner with you to ensure your project comes in on time and within budget. Get our Guide to Selecting the Right Solution Partner.

By Socius, an Ohio ERP Partner (www.socius1.com)

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